Our Suite of Safety Technology Products & Services

With more than 100 years of experience transporting students across the United States, we have learned what it takes to operate an exceptional student transportation program. Our national buying power has allowed us to purchase industry-leading technology and safety tools that we can provide to our customers, which would generally be cost-prohibitive to a single school district. These are just some of the benefits you will experience by outsourcing with Petermann.

Our company is committed to staying current with changing technologies in the student transportation industry. The technology solutions we offer our customers are intended to provide increased safety and greater operational efficiencies. We can provide the following options based on individual contract specifications:

  • Cameras – Onboard video and audio recording
  • Lytx DriveCam® – Video recording and risk management tools
  • Bus and stop-arm cameras
  • Two-way radios
  • Bus WiFi
  • GPS
  • Zonar® electronic vehicle inspection tool
  • Bus Tracker® mobile app
  • Student tracking
  • COMPASS – Proprietary operations scheduling platform
  • Driver DashBoard
  • Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) reporting tool
  • DOMO analytics dashboard
  • Computerized routing software
  • Applicant Tracking System (A.T.S.) for recruitment

The Petermann Promise®:

Receive access to our suite of safety technology products and services that is unmatched in the student transportation industry today, including Zonar®, Durham Bus Tracker®, Lytx DriveCam®, Fogmaker North America, and BusReport™– all included in your student transportation program with Durham.

  • We use a 13-touchpoint Zonar® inspection tool for each pre and post-trip inspection to monitor both vehicle maintenance and to perform diligent child checks
  • Durham Bus Tracker®, our custom mobile app, allows parents to view their students’ current bus location and information about the route in near real-time, including the scheduled and estimated arrival times to the stop. Our goal is to provide parents with a greater sense of comfort and visibility with their students’ transportation.
  • Lytx DriveCam® is now offered to our customers as a complimentary safety data collection tool. We are the only provider in the industry to equip each of our buses with DriveCam® technology. DriveCam® is a windshield-mounted camera that records both the driver and the road in the event of a hard brake, sudden swerve or rapid change in speed. This greater visibility into driving behavior is reviewed by our safety team and additional training is provided to our drivers as needed.
  • Through an exclusive contract, Fogmaker North America fire detection and suppression technology will be available on new buses purchased since 2018. Fogmaker uses a high-pressure water mist system, which rapidly reduces heat and suppresses a vehicle fire in seconds.
  • BusReportTM is our proprietary cloud-based reporting tool where we receive both compliments and complaints from the customers, parents and communities we serve. Feedback is recorded in real-time and a timely response is provided. The feedback we receive is directly related to our performance-improvement plan for driver training and vehicle maintenance.
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